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The three exhibition trough the medical health industry chain in 2015 in Shanghai

Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions first mixed three exhibition medical health industry chain: CMEF (CMEF), PharmChina (Medicine), API China (raw materials), tries their best to build a set of exhibition and conference of the whole health industry leader summit (tHIS), which aims to provide innovative thinking and strategy for leaders, the global industry renowned scholars and professionals to share platform, to promote the health industry in the policy and investment, R & D, manufacturing and distribution, injecting new impetus to the development of clinical application and further education and related service, promote the comprehensive development of China medical health.
In 2015 May, the health industry leaders summit (tHIS) will be in Shanghai National Convention Center (Shanghai) held. The first of more than 100 field fusion theme sessions and 280000 square meters of international exhibition will showcase 6000 exhibitors from around the world selected the tens of thousands of high quality and high cost of medical equipment, raw materials, preparation and related products and services. The move will be fully meet from 140 countries, 200000 professional audience to learn and discuss, the huge demand for procurement and trade.

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