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Stable chromatic aberration control

Focus on each detail in the process of inorganic colorant, keep away from the trouble of chromatic aberration!


FIRST: Definition of color and expression method

The color differences Between the object and the comparsion object, generally refers to the non luminous object after the exclusion of lighting conditions, line of sight distance and environmental differences, the color difference with color code 、color lightness and saturation between the compared with the standard .

International Commission on illumination according to the tristimulus method standard color coordinate (CIE lab) color data, is the color value, it corresponds with the data of hue, lightness and saturation, the color difference unit is NBS (National Bureau of Standards Unit), the National Bureau of standards for, a NBS unit eyes can distinguish tiny difference between color。


International general color difference calculation method:


Determination of color is the use of color difference meter, color difference meter is mainly based on the CIE color space Lab, Lch principle to measure shows samples and measured samples of the color difference △E and △Lab value。 The following is a △E, △L, △a, △b four groups of color difference data for measuring reference meaning:


△E:Total aberration size, △L+ white, △L- dark, △a+ red, △a-green, △b+ yellow, △b- blue


Chromatic aberration (tolerance) range

△ E: 0-0。25 very little or no ideal matching;

△ E:0。25-0。5 is small, an acceptable match

△ E:0.5-1.0 of small to medium, in some applications can be accepted

△E:1.0-2.0 medium, in a particular application can be accepted

△ E:2.0-4.0 differences in specific applications can be accepted

△ E:above 4.0, is not acceptable in most applications


SECOND: Quantum’s color difference control technology



·Experienced professional technicist on the process of inorganic colorant

We have experienced technicist and related team for twenty years in inorganic colorant production , and detected the formation of process control system stability with research and development, production of each link.

· Advanced inorganic colorants production equipment and technology

For different industries and customers’ demand, we provide the corresponding products with he corresponding process, and we can also be customized according to customer require.


· Advanced Color measurement instrument

With the advanced color measurement instrument and experience building perfect chromatic aberration controlling system.

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