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Inorganic pigment particle size on its performance is very important, so the size control is particularly important.
Factors influencing the particle size distribution of inorganic pigments are more complicated, for titanium dioxide, first is the hydrolysis of the original particle size, by controlling and adjusting hydrolysis conditions, the original particle size in a certain range. Followed by calcining temperature, calcining the metatitanic acid in the process, the particle experiences and growth period of a phase transformation, control the suitable temperature, the growth of particles in a certain range. The last is the product of the transformation of crushing, regulation usually Raymond mill and the parser speed, control of grinding quality, also can use other crushing equipment.

That the cyclone classification, using centrifugal force field and gravity field combined classification。 In the classification process, high speed air or fluid carrying solid particles are classified from the separator tangentially enters the separator, gas or liquid flow fast rotating motion along the inner wall of circular separator。 In the strong under the action of centrifugal force, coarse particle wall along the separator conical downward rotation of sinking to the bottom discharge outlet, Fine particles as a result of the action of centrifugal force to the separator center concentration and decreasing with air or fluid flow exported from the outside, so as to achieve the purpose of granules in grading。

Graph 3-6 cyclone classifier

1-The underflow coarse particle exports; 2- fall hydrocyclone; 3-Material and the fluid inlet;4-The overflow of fine particle exports;5-The cylinder part;6-Rising cyclone;7- conic cylindrical parts.

· The use of multiple classification of series classifier to improve the classification precision, achieve the best classification results, to ensure that the excellent grade and the exact point of high precision.

Particle size measurement:

· The products using laser particle size distribution instrument advanced for each batch of grading were detected to ensure products meet the requirements of classific


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